Are you into SciFi?  I’m a huge fan of most of the SciFi shows on TV and have been over the years.  The original Star Trek, campy tho’ it was, is still a favorite in my house.  So, who doesn’t know about Tribbles?  I think even people who have never seen an episode of Star Trek will have heard of The Trouble With Tribbles, cute little fuzzy things that reproduce at an alarming rate, quickly filling up the Enterprise with bits of fluff.

World of Geekcraft

So, when I saw this book, “World of Geekcraft”, I picked it up and flipped through it.  Some interesting stuff, but no crochet.  But, wait!  There are Tribbles!  They’re designed by a ‘real’ crochet designer, Linda Permann!  They are so cute!  I gotta, gotta, gotta make some.   Dig through the stash.  What color should a Tribble be?  I think I saw Star Trek on a black and white TV, so I have no idea what is the proper Tribble color.  Do they come in more than one color?  Yikes!  Linda has crocheted three of them in shades of brown with three different novelty yarns.  I’m thinking Tribbles will be created in every color of novelty yarn in my stash.

TRIBBLES a plenty

And, if you have a Christmas Stocking in my house, what do you think it will be stuffed with this year???

BOOK SPECS: Note – this book contains only one crochet project.

Author Susan Beal

Chronicle Books, 2011

ISBN 9780811874618

$19.95 USD list price


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    A while ago I made some tribble-inspired “blobs”. I posted them on my facebook page for my crafts if you would like to see them. Of course I ventured…and some have ears or a bow.

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