Well, local may be a misnomer.  The designers featured on may not live near you.  They are, however, individuals, mostly young moms, trying to support their families with the work of their hands and designs from their heads.  There are  patterns as well as finished items for sale – and the diversity of design is enormous.  There really is something here for everyone – but especially those who are interested in supporting cottage industries, helping the environment, and keeping our beloved craft alive and well.

A plate of food from:

How about some hand dyed yarn that’s quite reasonably priced:

Or, you might want to snap up a Liger for the toddler rather than stitch one up yourself.  He’s a cutie:

These three shots represent just a small portion of the items available on this site that is new to me.  In addition to crochet (and knit), there are many other handcrafts represented – sewing, quilting, painting, etc.  Be warned!  You’ll spend a long time looking through all the pages as the site is jam-packed with goodies.


  1. karol says

    Supporting any crafter would be a plus. Crochetting is a passion of mine. My mother taught me the basics of it at an early age, and since I cannot read a pattern, I make one of a kind items. I never make the same thing twice even though I will make them simular.
    I was acrafter doing several crafter shows a month back east but find that in the rural town I am in now, out west, we don’t have that excitement or gathering of crafters specializing in my arts. I have sold several pieces but didn’t really want to sell on the internet. some days I think about starting my own crafter’s corner at the flea markets here but not sure how people here would take to it. For one thing, people here are not willing or wanting to support crocheters like they do back east. Time, effort and the price of what it takes to make baby outfits or blankets, spreads and throws are a little much for those who want to get something for nothing…

  2. says

    I have a shop on Etsy and I listed a lot of crocheted items.
    Some people are getting nice sales with their crochted items for sure there. I am not doing great. But, I am getting some sales.
    Carol, you can give it a try. Etsy and hyenacart are not expensive to start, I believe. You need to take good pictures and give good description about your items. That is all.
    I believe, there is a market for the handmade items all over the world. You should try what you want to try. After all there is only one life.

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