Surprisingly Simple Christmas Crochet


Occasionally I run across something that is just so simple yet inspired that I’m stunned.  This project is one of those.  The blog is entirely in Portugese.  For a laugh (not on the author) you can try entering the web address into Google and click on ‘translate this page’.  If you haven’t tried that yet, it’s worth it just to see how the language is slaughtered.  But, in this case, you don’t need the words.  There’s a nice chart that indicates all you need to know to make one of these for yourself.

If you do choose to attempt to read the translation, you’ll find that Sonia Maria is considering making the Santa in other skin tones.  I like that idea.  This would make a nice gift for most anyone.  But, if you intend for it to be other than decorative (which might be a shame), remember to steer clear of the acrylic yarns.  They can melt, burning skin and ruining counter tops.  Stick to cotton for that.  We have a wider range of color choices in acrylic so that would be my choice.  Should you choose cotton, you might consider using cotton carpet warp, a tightly wound mercerized cotton yarn that is widely used by weavers but works great for potholders and other functional crochet.  Here’s a good picture you can see all the colors in which  cotton carpet warp is available.  If you can’t buy it locally (try a weaving store), here’s the site to order it.

When you spend more time on Sonia Maria’s wonderful blog, you’re likely to be amazed at the lengths she goes to in detailing her designs so that they can be recreated by others.  For a quick look at one of her very useful tools, check this out.  I’ve never seen another designer take the time to clarify a pattern for her readers.  I’m very impressed.

For a direct link to the Santa pattern, click here .


  1. Sue says

    I would love to make this but don’t see a link to the website. I only get the photo when I click on the link under the picture.

  2. Sharon says

    This is cute enough to make me want to learn to crochet from a chart! Thanks for sharing. It took me a while to find the right page for Santa, even with the translation.

  3. Evelene Sterling says

    She even has a video tutorial on how to get started and even not knowing the language but by showing us it is even easier to learn how to do it. How cool is that, just got to love technology!

  4. Crochet Leah says

    I had google translate the page for me. What an adorable pot holder!!! I was looking for a unique and simple gift to make for some special people and… I think I found it! Thanks jd!

  5. Magali says

    You did it, so nice of you, tnks, I’ve written to Sonia telling her about this post, she will be happy I asure you. And she deserves all the words, cause she is adorable :)



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