Thanksgiving Turkey



This is my all time favorite Thanksgiving pattern.  There are plenty of things we can crochet for this holiday.  We could make doilies or placemats, ears of Indian corn, wreaths, and pumpkins.  But, this one is the absolute best!  Unfortunately, there is no picture available with the link.  But the pattern is still available on the WayBack Machine online.  You can get to the pattern here:

Please allow a little extra time for the pattern to load as the web archive is wading through a lot of layers of stuff to find its way to a pattern that is not currently supported by any other website.

I have a story about the batch of these pins I crocheted some years ago.  When my kids were in Youth Group, I learned that one of the moms collected turkeys.  When I saw this pattern, I thought she might enjoy having one.  So, I grabbed some scraps of yarn, worked one up and gave it to my friend that evening.  She laughed so hard her own butt almost fell off!  She ‘got it’ right away.  Some of the other moms were looking and couldn’t figure out what the ‘joke’ was.  So, we told them.  Then, of course, everyone wanted one.  So, I went home and crocheted about 10 more of them to be adopted by anyone who wanted one.

I think this pattern might have begun life as a fridgie – but it works really well as a pin.  I just use a small safety pin to hold it in place.  So, get out your yarn scraps and make some of these to give out to your friends and family who appear at Thanksgiving.  I promise they’ll be a hit!

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