My favorite individual crochet website is that of Thata Pang’s.

Thata is an Indonesian woman who must NEVER sleep. According to her bio, she is married, has a son, AND a job outside the home. I can’t figure out how she can accomplish so much with her hooks and needles! Her Dinamic Crochet website will lead you to great pictures of her many uniquely designed crochet projects as well as her other sites that focus on her other ‘loves’:

And, her first book of designs has been released in Indonesia!

I am convinced that she never sleeps, cleans house, or visits friends, unless, of course, there are more hours in the Indonesian day than there are in the days in Missouri.

This is one of my favorite Thata designs (called ‘roller coaster’):


Then, there are her felting cuties:


And, she even has a boutique where you can buy patterns and/or finished items like this:


In fact, Thata has a huge collection of items she has designed for babies and toddlers. Hmm, since she only has a son, maybe she has a secret yearning for a daughter – a real girlie-girl who would wear all her pretty, ruffled, flowery designs. Too bad my daughter was never interested in this sort of thing!

She also sells yarn, hooks, purse handles, and assorted other items used in the completion of her projects:


Even tho’ I do not enjoy knitting (nor do I knit well), here’s a bit of eye candy from Thata’s Knitting Site:

Then, after a busy day of surfing her sites, crocheting her patterns, and shopping in her boutique and materials site, I want to sit down to this lovely confection – also created by Thata:

Thata’s Oreo Tart Pudding. Ymmmm. Want a piece?


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