The Scarf That Wasn’t……

This ‘scarf’ started life as a wool sweater composed of brown wool squares complimented with off white tapestry style stitching.  It came to me from a thrift store where I found it and decided it would be a good choice for the wool felt coasters I wanted to make.  Just cut those squares up, toss them in the wash, and voila!  coasters.  Didn’t quite work out that way.  I cut about 20 squares out, each about 4X4 inches, and they felted to about 2X2.  A bit small for coasters.  Well, maybe Barbie coasters.  I got busy, threw the remaining ‘sweater’ in a box in the corner of a room, and forgot about it.

Fast forward about a year (did I tell you I’m a rotten housekeeper?), my twenty-something daughter has moved back home for law school, the weather turns cold, she finds the box with the cute brown ‘scarf’ in it, pops it on her head and goes off to school.  Much later that day, she returns home while I’m crocheting in front of the TV.  I don’t pay much attention til, all of a sudden, I notice her remove what looks like a Fox Head Stole and lay it on the chair near me.  When did she get a Fox Head Stole?  More importantly, when did she decide she would ever wear a Fox Head Stole?

I asked her what ‘It’ was.  She said, oh, it’s this cute scarf you crocheted from one of dad’s sweaters!!!  This is wrong on so many levels.  I do agree that this sad brown is one of the key colors on her father’s family crest (if they had one which they don’t and the other color is pea soup green, yuck!).  But, really?  First, it’s knit and she still can’t tell the difference.  Second, it’s really not a sweater or a scarf.  Well, I guess it’s a scarf is you wear it as one.  Next thing I know, she’s telling me how Nina and DJ and Jess at school all thought the scarf was so cool but her dad must be a really small guy.  This was, after all, a small woman’s sweater.  He’s not a big guy – but he’s a bit larger than a woman’s small.  Apparently, all of her crew tried on the nifty sweater mom ‘crocheted’.  What a hoot!

Brown Wool Sweater 'Scarf'

I started laughing and she was totally confused.  I told her the truth about her cool new scarf.  Not only was she not appalled, she wants me to make more scarves like this one!  Well, it was certainly an easy project.  You can see the tutorial below.  It’s my first ever tutorial – and is likely to be my last.  You’ll see.


Buy a sweater (preferably all wool from the thrift store)

Cut away all of it except the neck, shoulders, yoke, and the tops of the sleeves. Refer to picture.


Another View of the Brown Sweater Scarf

Note:  The young lady modeling the scarf is not my daughter.  This is the youngest member of the St. Louis Crochet Club who kindly agreed to model the ‘scarf’.  Plus, the colors in the photos are not true.  The sweater was a medium dark brown.


  1. GJ Amber says

    Too funny! I love it when kids think Mom is cool and it is actually an accident. Would I have told her what it really was? Hmmm-I guess you would have to explain the laughing.

  2. says

    I laughed and laughed when you posted about this on CP…and laughed even harder just now. The pics are priceless. *shakes head* We hunt and hunt, download and print and purchase patterns, expensive fiber, notions, tools, not to mention the hours of labor…and what do the “kids” want to wear? Cut-up thrift-store crafting scraps. LOLOLOL Keeps ya humble.

  3. says

    You know, JD, it’s kind of like when we buy dogs expensive toys and they want to play with the package it came in! Kids are the same way… and so unpredictable, you never know what will catch their fancy.

    Hilarious story, girl!

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