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tunisian crochet stitch guide by kim guzman


I recently got my hands on Kim Guzman’s latest book, “Tunisian Crochet Stitch Guide.”  You’re gonna like this book!  For a fairly small soft cover book, this stitch guide is packed with useful information, excellent photographs, and a large number of interesting stitches patterns.  The cover alone will entice you to pick up the book, even, if like me, Tunisian is not your favorite way to crochet.  Each of the 61 stitches contained in this book is presented in great detail.  The 14 basic Tunisian stitches are presented first as these are the building blocks for all the other stitches which I’ll refer to as stitch patterns.  For each stitch pattern, there is a clear color photo, along with a list of the basic stitches used, and a large, clear chart.

teach yourself afghan stitch book

Although Kim designs in traditional crochet as well, many people will recognize her as one of the leading designers in Tunisian.  I’ve been a fan of hers for some time.  This book is a grand accomplishment in furthering the art of Tunisian.  I have only to look at the previous Leisure Arts publication (Leaflet 122), “Teach Yourself Afghan Stitch” and compare it with Kim’s new book to see how far she has brought the understanding of this form of crochet which goes by several names – Tunisian, Afghan, Shepherd’s Knitting, Railway Knitting, and many others.  They are all essentially the same form of crochet (not knitting) that we now mostly refer to as Tunisian or Afghan Stitch.  Since it can be used for many things besides crocheting afghans, I prefer the term ‘Tunisian’.

Kim’s book is also perfectly sized for stashing in your crochet bag to carry along and refer to as you work.  While the book contains only a single full pattern, a scarf, you’ll find yourself wanting to make that one right away!  And, a scarf is the perfect project IMO to test out a pattern stitch.  I think you’ll find yourself going back, again and again, to refer to the stitch patterns included in the book to create all kinds of Tunisian projects of your own.

Book Specs:

Tunisian Crochet Stitch Guide by Kim Guzman

Leisure Arts, 2013

96 pages, 5X8 inches durable soft cover

ISBN:  9781464707391



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    I agree that this is an excellent book, JD. I love the size. And as one who has just now begun a foray into the multi-faceted aspects of Tunisian crochet, this little volume has really been a help in exploring the various stitches and techniques.

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