Lizzie in the snow. Maybe looking for Spring flowers???

Sitting here, trying to keep warm, looking outside to the remnants of snow left from several previous snow and ice storms, my thoughts turn to Spring. Well, nice try anyway! My dog certainly enjoys the snow, but she came with a full length fur coat! No need to crochet a sweater for her. This picture was taken during a previous snow, her first experience with snow.
You know that upbeat Christmas song that says “We need a little Christmas, right this very moment…”? Well, I NEED a little – or lot of – Spring – RIGHT NOW! So, I thought I’d sponsor a Spring Fling contest to get us all thinking of Spring flowers.

So, here’s the drill. Contest opens today and will close on April 15 (Uncle Sam’s favorite Day). It’s open to all crocheters. The theme is Spring Flowers. So, create something of your own – no borrowing, stealing, or copying – and MUST include one or more crocheted flowers in three dimensions. The flowers should be, well, flowers – not just a flat picture of one or more flowers. So, no cross stitched or tapestry crochet flowers for this contest.

To enter your original crochet masterpiece, you must email me a photo (jdwln@sbcglobal.net) in jpg format, the date of the photo, the name of your project, your name and contact information (email and snail mail). YOU MUST PUT ‘CROCHET FLOWER CONTEST’ IN THE SUBJECT LINE as I don’t open emails from unfamiliar sources. I’ll post all the entries on one or more future blogs. Winner(s) will be notified by email.

I am the sole judge of entries. I have my biases so if you’re not willing to abide by my decision as to the winner(s) or get your feelings hurt if your masterpiece isn’t chosen, please don’t enter. But, I DO ENCOURAGE you to enter as I have some great prizes for you.

Prizes will include one or more of the following:

Crochet related book

Yarn or Thread

As much as I hate to do so, I am going to limit possible winners to those within the United States. Postage has simply gotten too costly for me to mail prizes internationally. If my crochet friends in Australia, Canada, India, Indonesia, Europe, and other places I’ve forgotten to mention wish to enter -and we’d love to see your masterpieces too – I’ll try to find a special way to acknowledge your entry should it be deemed ‘Exceptional’ as in, it’d win if you lived in the U.S. I hope this is not too unfair. Just keeping it honest.

So, read on for some inspiration:

Here are some things I’ve seen on the net that might get you in the mood.

One from Nicki Epstein at Classic Elite Yarns


www.istockphoto.com (random flowers)


www.zakidodahs.com (sweater)

www.crochetmemories.com (teapot cozy)

It’s perfectly acceptable to include beads, buttons, charms, etc in your design. Just be sure to include those items in your project list. It’s also extremely helpful to have source information for others to find such items should they wish to reproduce your entry.

***Your entry in this contest gives me permission to post your entry photograph(s) on this blog. The only pattern(s) which will be posted on this blog will be that of the winner or winners and said pattern(s) will be available for the private use of others but may not be reproduced, sold, or posted elsewhere without the express consent of the designer(s).

So, will you design a Spring flower brooch, a frivolous hat band, a fancy belt, some sock embellishments, a flower embellished Spring stole, or a snuggly lapghan for chilly nights?

I’m sure all of you have some crochet flowers just waiting to be expressed in yarn and thread. So, get busy crocheting and send me your pictures!


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