To Pattern or Not – That is the Question.


So you always use a pattern and follow it to create your crochet masterpieces? I must say that I find patterns to be mere suggestions, guidelines to interpret the original designer’s vision in my own way. This works better with some designs than others. It can be a disaster in filet. You really have to count and line up those little squares. Maybe that’s why filet is not my favored form of crochet! I appreciate its beauty but feel stifled by its lack of flexibility.

Usually, when I see a picture that accompanies a pattern, I am intrigued and want to make the item – exactly as is – for myself, changing only the colors. But, then, I get into the process and become bored. I just won’t make anything in SC. I automatically switch to HDC and proceed with abandon. Disaster sometimes awaits me!

But, for many patterns, they really are JUST suggestions. They give me a scale, a yarn and hook size (which I may or may not adhere to) and an idea of what the finished project should look like. Other than that, I feel that crochet designers are just like me. They have an idea and play around with yarns and hooks til they get it ‘right’ for them. In that regard, the beginning crocheter is exactly at the same level of creativity as the experienced ‘expert’ crocheter.

Of course, there are perfectionists among us. I have seen people who had to make the item EXACTLY as it appeared in print. That’s way too inflexible for me.  I’m just not a rule follower, I guess. One of the advantages of obtaining free patterns is that the designer is often accessible to answer questions and fine tune their design for general publication. Somethings just really DO NOT work in crochet.

But those motifs on the cover of the book above really are lovely and get my hands itching to pick up a hook and thread……


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    You can find loads of patterns on picassa web, so why try to find, pay and wait for something that’s already on the web. Try with words like crocheted flowers, crochet or maybe you like to search on your own. Good luck.

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