Upcycling, repurposing, recycling – these are all no lose ideas.  Anything we can reuse for a creative or practical purpose is a good thing.  Here are some ideas I’ve run across recently.

Can you tell these were knitted caps?  While these cuties are knitted, you can easily do the same thing with any crocheted cap:



You’ve probably seen a necklace like this before.  The trick here is to recycle your old (vintage or otherwise) buttons.  You can also add in a few beads or charms if you have them on hand.  I actually purchase garments at thrift stores JUST for their buttons.




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    For free patterns in this and other blog articles, please follow the links. In this particular article, there is only the one pattern and that’s not crochet – rather, there are instructions on how to convert the caps into cushions. Sorry for any confusion. Should have made that more clear. jd

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