That’s the question on the back cover of this adorable book.  I’m not much for dolls, but teddy bears are a different matter.  If you have ever wanted to dress a teddy bear, this is the book for you!

Amy O’Neill Houck has created 20 projects to dress your favorite bear.  Some are one piece outfits like the Fisherman’s vest.  Others are multi-part outfits, like the cover sweater with backpack, two piece swim suit, baseball suit complete with bat, and the absolutely adorable Long Winter’s Nightgown and Cap.  The caps are so cute as they are designed to reveal Teddy’s ears rather than cover them.  Enchanting!

A few of the designs in this book would work perfectly well for a ‘real’ baby too.  I am especially fond of the Let’s Dance Dress and the Letter Sweater (on the cover).  Any baby or toddler would fill these out nicely.

The bears Amy dresses in this book are sized between 16-18 inches, but thorough directions are given for customizing sizes for other bears and other stuffed animals.  With these guidelines, one should be able to adjust each pattern to suit the huggable stuffed animal in each home.  There’s even a discussion, albeit brief,  of modular crochet to explain how some of the designs were created.

Plenty of (charming) color photos and schematics.  I’ve got to dig out my daughter’s (now age 24) favorite teddy bear and make a St. Louis Cardinal’s uniform for him.  She’ll be thrilled!


Potter Craft Books, 2010, 96 pages.

ISBN: 9780307462121

List price $16.99 USD


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