What crocheters will create is often simply remarkable.  I was looking online for some examples of structural crochet.  I’ve blogged about this before – the 3D stuff.  Some of it is beautiful.  Some items are cool.  Many are useful.  Most of them are just incredibly inventive.  I’ve been going here and there, searching out more information on some crochet items that I’ve run across.  Please join me for this tour.

First start is this blog.  Did you know that George Washington Carver crocheted?  These graceful figures remind me of the fashion models one sees on the runways of the haute couture:


I’d love to have a necklace made like one of these:


And, since hanging things – glass balls, stars, lanterns – and dangly things – charms, beads, loose ends – are some of my favorite things, I’d couldn’t resist this.  Might be a really good way to use up some of those balls of eyelash yarn.  Wish I had an extra $350.00!


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