It’s not too early to get started on some Christmas quickies that you can keep on hand for last minute gifting – and, these are all small things that you can carry along to your kid’s soccer game, with your lunch box, or waiting in the carpool line. Take advantage of those few spare minutes you have here and there. Before you know it, you’ll have created a bunch of cherishables that you can gather into a pretty basket and give to the neighbor, your mom’s roommate at the nursing home, or a favorite teacher.


Free pattern for the Peppermint Coasters is available here.

A real quickie, but useful and pretty can be found here, although it might not fit into a basket!

Teeny stockings to adorn your tree.  The pattern is here.  Make lots!

Snowflakes are ever-popular.  There are a gazillion free patterns online.  I like this one.  It will look like it took you way more than 15  minutes to make it.  Snowflakes are truly ALL different.  The first one might take you longer than 15 minutes to make, but each one you make will make you that much faster at it.  Don’t be afraid to string some beads or sequins on your thread before you begin and place them randomly.  They’ll be fine.  Also, to stiffen them, spray them with spray starch and quickly sprinkle on a little fine opalescent glitter.  The look will be magical – and oh, so easy!

Finally, book marks are a perennial favorite.  Again, free patterns abound online.  Just go looking and you’ll find plenty.  I particularly like this one which comes complete with a step by step tutorial.  Make one or two and you’ll quickly become expert at them.

Wouldn’t YOU like to receive a small basket full of goodies like these?  I would.  If you have a link to a free, small, carry-along Christmas pattern, please post a link here so we can all see it.


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