If you walk outside like I walk outside in all kinds of weather, this might be a great freebie for you.  My problem?  No pony tail!  Darn it!  My hair is so fine that barettes just slide right out of it.  Someone, please give me an idea of how to keep this on my head while I walk (no, I don’t jog.  What?  You think I’m crazy??)

There’s a free pattern here:


  1. Marlene McDonald says

    not sure if you want pattern help or help understanding why you’d make it. It’s an odd looking piece, Marlene

  2. Marlene McDonald says

    no idea other than bobby pins but they’d slide right? I should have read the whole post before my previous comment.

  3. Kathy Webster says

    That is so AWESOME. You can keep it up by sewing elastic thread through the top. That way it would stay on you nose rather that worring about a ponytail which, I think, wont stay covered on the face. Thats what I would do.

    Kathy W.

  4. Lynn says

    You could I think put a strap from one ear to the other and wear it over the top of your head… That should hold it in the right place and if you had your hood up or a hat on then nobody would even see it, if they did it is the strap for your ear and cheek warmers…They will probably cheer your inginuity (sp), I would and I would wear it too… My hair is short so I would have to do something like that too… Think I will as a matter of fact…

  5. Lynn says

    Or I just thought of this reading the pattern, use foundation single crochets to start it… they are stretchy…

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