Christmas In The Air

This year, I have decided to make a concerted effort to spend my gifting dollars locally – or at least in the U.S. – or to purchase gifts directly from the artisans who made them.  To that end, I’ve spent a lot of time trolling the net to find some good ideas for crochet gifting.  Here are some of the best I’ve found.  And, since I’m a slow crocheter and the number of days to crochet before the Big Day arrives is narrowing, I’ve concentrated on items I think will work up fairly quickly.

I love these coasters and think they would make a great gift for a Christmas hostess or anyone who entertains this time of year.  You can purchase the pattern here.  In addition to making them for their intended purpose of coasters, I think they’d make nice hanging ornaments or even a garland.

Christmas Character Coasters

These nifty little flowers could do doube duty as appliques on sweaters or caps.  Get the pattern here .

Crocheted Hair Accessories

Everyone can use a beanie.  Make it in any colors you like – but for Christmas, this would be cute.  Pattern is here .

Stashbuster ornaments, anyone?  Any color, any color combination – and you can combine differing weights of yarn and thread if you take some care.  Get this pattern here .

I think I need a bunch of these!  Don’t you?

I’ve got more ideas and links for you.  Stay tuned for another article soon.

NOTE:  If you’ve got an original pattern available that you’d like me to feature, please email me with a link.


  1. Mary Ellen McWhirter says

    As a local artisan, thank you. It means a lot for those of us who have to compete with the big stores and other countries to just sell our crafts.

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