Here’s a new book by Sys Fredens.  I was not familiar with this designer/author, but I sure do like her designs!  I am currently working on one of the pullovers in this book for my daughter.  Not only did my daughter approve the design and yarn I chose, the sweater is actually fitting her nicely!  A win for me as my daughter is not generally fond of my crochet.

Great thing about this book – the sweaters are constructed from the TOP DOWN.  Hooray!  A designer who finally listened to me (us??);-)  Top down is such a great way to crochet a sweater as one can try it on throughout its construction to be sure it fits.

The book includes numerous color photos, often showing the design from more than one angle, and with simple schematics for each.  There are sweaters, shells, bags, hats, mittens, and shawls.  The shell I’m making is the Summer Top with Shoulder Bands on pages 44 and 45. With 37 designs included, there’s a good selection included.  Yarn selections tend to be generic too – so no high end yarn prices to contend with.

The patterns are very basic, assuming a knowledge of and experience with garment construction.  This can be a problem for beginners, but the schematics and photos will help as the designs are not terribly complex.  I believe this book would be a great addition to anyone’s crochet library with the exception of a rank beginner.

Published by Martingale Publishers, 2009

94 pages

$21.99 (well less than $1 per design!!)

ISBN 1564778975


  1. Cara says

    I am just crazy about the top down method of crochet. I have just finished my first garment using this method and not only is it beautiful, it fits and was a breeze to make. Other garment-making attempts have not been successful because of all the variations of the different parts and construction at the end, when it’s too late to make any adjustments, short of reworking the pieces.

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