Crafts ‘n Things is one of my favorite general crafting magazines.  It always has the latest crafts, great pictures, and you can usually count on at least one or two crochet projects in it.  The April, 2009 issue is one of the best!  In this magazine are two wonderful crochet projects.

You can get a hint of one project on the cover.  It’s a beautiful pastel-tinted afghan created with very pretty motifs.  The other pattern is on page 146.  It’s called a Lacy Jacket but looks more like a shawl with elbow length sleeves and long V-shaped treatment on the lower edge.  It’s created from a lace stitch pattern that looks easy enough to master.

While it’s unlikely that I’ll ever actually crochet the afghan (remember, I’m the one who shies away from any project that starts with terminology like ‘make 48’ of anything!), you can bet I’m gonna go for the shawl.  It’s something I think I’ll enjoy making and wearing.

As usual these days, Crafts ‘n Things is full of scrapbooking projects, but there are also plenty of hand-sewing and beading goodies, too.  Can you tell I enjoy those?

There are several knit projects in this issue too.  So, if you’re a ‘switch-hitter’, this issue might be for you.  If it’s no longer available on the newsstand (I borrowed mine from the library.), you can order back issues at


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    this is the second blog I have read that mentions that great crochet piece on the cover of the April 2009 issue, but NOW WHERE in the mag, are the instructions…. :( any idea how I could get them? the web site is of no help. :(

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