I had this idea to find a great crocheted wreath for my front door.  Wreaths and swags are things that I enjoy crafting with a lot of recycled/upcycled components.  I usually start with a wreath from a thrift store from which I’ve torn or cut all the existing embellishments, then start over with the ‘look’ I’m going for.  Fall wreaths are especially fun to make IMO.

Here’s a very attractive wreath that looks really easy to make.  Also, check  out the funky sock wreath on the same blog:


Here’s a trio of pretty wreaths, crocheted on grapevine wreaths.  These could be any flowers in any colors.


This one is from LionBrand and is felted.  I think I’d overlap the leaves a bit to create a more lush look:

Scroll down on this page to find a way to use up all that Fun Fur and similar novelty yarns you have on hand:


While most of these don’t contain instructions, I think they’re straightforward enough to make without a detailed pattern.  The first wreaths I made, I wraped paper twist around flat cardboard I’d cut out to resemble large donuts.  My mom used those on her front door for various holidays for years!  So, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to create a pretty wreath and you can use up a lot of those orphan skeins you’ve had stashed forever.


  1. Linda says

    I have been searching for a pattern to crochet a wreath using a rubber jar ring as the center. It has 3 plain rows and then the ruffle around the edges. I need a pattern to go by, I don’t do well freehand. The wreath is about 81/2 to 9″ around and looks pretty hanging in windows. Can anyone help me?

  2. Kristie Zieler says

    I love the striped wreath you have listed at the top of this page – but, when I clicked on the link it is no longer available. Do you have any idea where I might be able to find this pattern or one similar?
    Thank you!

  3. julia says

    I have been looking for instruction’s on how to make a wreath for door with a clothes hanger and you use a crochet needle and green yarn i seen it alot of years ago in a magazine and now i can’t find it ,i made one back them but with me moving and weather too i don’t have it now ,do you think you can help? If you can thank you .

  4. says

    I don’t recognize the wreath from your description. Maybe someone else will. A lot of those crafty things came from magazines like Good Housekeeping. You can try their websites too.

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