Crochet Container

cro grape container 0114

Do you have any of these at your house?  I drink a lot of generic ‘Crystal Lite’ so I acquire a lot of these little containers.  Under the easily removed, colorful wrapping, the container is clear.  It’s the perfect size for a couple of crochet uses.  It will hold an entire collection of regular sized hooks.  It will hold a smallish ball of yarn or thread that will remain clean if you punch a hole in the top (I use an ice pick from the wrong side of the lid), and tangle free while you crochet.  It’s also a great size to hold my cheaters (reading/crocheting specs), scissors, stitch markers, etc.  In short, for free, you can use these to organize your crochet or desk top items and be sure what’s inside each container since they’re clear.  Start drinking!

Note:  This one is from Shop ‘n Save Grocery Store.  Other brands have different (less useful) shapes and are not clear.


  1. N'Joy says

    Those containers are great. They’re tall and slender, great for storage. I use them in quilting to hold my safety pins and rotary cutters.

  2. Tabitha Klucking says

    Good idea for hook storage! I was thinking crochet covers would be cute too!

  3. says

    What a great idea. You could use scrapbook paper, washi tape, paint, my brain is going crazy now! I am so sick of having to search high and low whenever I need to find the hook I am looking for.

  4. Tina Goodall says

    It will also perfectly hold your fave pair of sunglasses..but maybe that is a different craft for another day!

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