I’ve written about monograms in crochet before.  You can read all about that here .  This time, I’ve come upon an even easier – or more accessible as I like to state it when I don’t want to feel like I’m inept – way to add a monogram to your crochet.

The entire alphabet can be found here .  You can make as many letters as you want in a flash.  So, you can include the person’s entire name or just his/her initials to your project.  Kids especially enjoy having their names on their special ‘stuff’.  However, I prefer initials to names so that there’s no chance of a stranger using a kid’s name thus appearing to be a friend.  Better to be safe…

While the technique I blogged about earlier could only be used for an entire afghan or another large project, these letters are far more flexible.  Use yarn to add a monogram to an afghan or backpack.  Use tatting thread to create monograms for scrapbooking or cardmaking or to add to a tea towel.  You can’t ask for anything more versatile than that!

The son of one of my closest friends is getting married in the Fall.  I’m thinking a wedding afghan with the couple’s names appliqued to it will be just the right thing for Taylor and Erin.  And, what could be more special for a new baby than a babyghan with the name appliqued to it?  Wow!  Lots of ways to make this work for me!

While you’re at the site checking out the letters, browse further and see the other offerings there.  The blog owner even has an Amazon e-store where she sells finished objects.  Quite impressive array of items offered finished and in pattern form.


I received the following email in response to this post that I want to share with you:

Thanks for posting this link!!  I love these crocheted letters!!!  What a great way to use up yarn scraps.
You could make the whole alphabet and put a magnet on each one.  My granddaughter has a set of magnetic letters on my fridge and she tries to spell a lot of things.  She is in Kindergarden, so she is just learning.  But magnets also helped her learn the alphabet and the difference between upper case and lower case.

in Las Vegas


  1. JoAnn says

    I am looking a crochet pattern, half the size of an oblong place mat, with an initial in the middle. Suitable for framing.

    I have looked in fabric shops and online and all I have found are just the monograms.

    I would like the monogram to be part of the whole piece and not crocheted and placed on the whole piece.

    Can you help me?

    Thanking you, JoAnn

  2. says

    Sounds like you need a filet crochet piece. Try for starters. There are plenty of sites that have filet patterns. If you find the shape you want without the initial in it, you need to get some graph paper and chart it out – one stitch per square of graph paper.


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