Crochet Some Flower Bubbles For Your Home

crocheted flower hoops wall decor


This is one of the coolest crochet projects I’ve seen in a long time!  I’m totally in love with it.  I happen to have a number of old wooden embroidery hoops in my stash and, of course, I have plenty of yarn.  Elise shows us how she made these beauties on her blog.  This is something any crocheter can create – to suit any decor, in any color(s), in many yarn weights.  And, as you know if you’ve read much of my blog, I love the idea that this falls into the category of repurposing and reusing items we already own.  Such creativity is not unusual in the crochet world, but this is exceptional IMO.  Take a few simple floral motifs, place them in your embroidery hoop and hang them in a nice grouping to add a fresh look to your walls.

Since I’ve recently about Christmas in July, this project has my mind wandering to creating Christmas motifs.  Or even just doily centers worked in Christmas colors.  That would make a wonderful addition to our holiday decor.  For that purpose, I might use a metallic gold or silver paint to cover the embroidery hoops.  Imagine embellishing with a bit of bling too, in the form of crystals or sprinkling with some glitter.

Oh, but back to the flowers.  To make this project even easier, you need look no farther than Elise’s own blog for quick patterns and tutorials to create your own bouquet of flowers.  They’re all there!  Get busy!





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    Wow! What a great idea to use all of the dozens and dozens of crocheted thread flower motifs I have lying around in boxes!!! I can see doing this with a very large hoop and making one very cool picture out of it, perhaps accented with some pretty “rocks!” Thanks for sharing JD, this is inspiring!

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