I just purchased this book at a library book sale.  I didn’t really get to look at it before I plunked down my cash, but I know I like other Women’s Day books, so I took a chance (as I had my hands FULL of books at the moment).

WOW!  This is a fantastic book.  A quick search online revealed that the book is readily available for purchased from used book vendors for a couple bucks (what I paid).  So, if you want a book that has a good collection of women’s and children’s garment patterns – all timeless or easily updated – this is it!

The absolute most difficult crochet pattern to find is a crochet wedding dress.  There is a lovely wedding gown in here that will look perfect on most brides.  I say this because it looks very much like my store bought wedding  gown – which wasn’t actually a wedding gown, just a long, white dress.  This one is definitely a wedding gown.  Check on page 53 of this book for a picture and the pattern.

There are lots of other timeless patterns in this book.  See if you can find a copy for yourself!

ISBN 0442293941


  1. Marina Claassen says

    I desperately need a pattern for a crochet wedding dress, and this seems to be beautiful … possible to mail me a copy … my daughter is getting married in September 2011 and not much time now … please help

  2. says

    I’ve offered the ISBN for the book so that others could purchase it themselves. Copyright laws forbid me from sending a copy of the book or any part of it. I hope you can find a copy for yourself. has numerous used copies for under $5.

  3. faye says

    I,m looking for a crochet dress or 2-piece suit to wear as a wedding dress
    thank you faye

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