Fascinators – Pure Crochet Sophistication


I’ve written about Fascinator’s before.  You can look at that article to see some fine examples of these pretty head pieces.  Fascinators made the news recently during the wedding of Prince William and Princess Katherine in the U.K.  Several royals, especially the twentysomethings, were wearing fascinators – some elegant and some just plain funky!

Now, you get to see some examples of Fascinators that feature crochet prominently in their design.  Kai, Milliner Extroidinaire, sells them at her Etsy shop and writes about them on her blog.  She gives enough information that we can use to create our own Fascinators.  While I’m not much into headwear for myself, I certainly find that these minimalist pieces would pass muster with me should I need to wear a dressy hat.  On the other hand, my twentysomething daughter, with long, thick, dark brown hair is very fond of wearing hats.  Think I’ll make one of these in her favorite colors.

Pictured here are just three examples of the Fascinators Kai has made incorporating crochet elements.  Her elegant combination of crochet, buttons or ‘jewels’, feathers, and other elements are inspired and inspiring.


  1. Mariette Roy says

    I have a pattern that I picked up on your website made by Mary Ann Sprague called christmas ball cover round 2 calls for 2 dc in next st. but round 3 calls for 4 sts it doesn’t add up can you enlighten me please.
    Thank you,
    M. Roy

  2. says

    Who are you asking for help? I am not familiar with the pattern called ‘Christmas Ball Cover’. Whose site is it on?

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