Did you see the latest announcement from that all their patterns, and there are thousands, are now FREE?

LB free one 0809

This is a boon to us – and a GREAT way for a company to sell a lot of yarn.  As you all know by now, I’m swimming in yarn.  I don’t need to buy any.  But, when did need ever have anything to do with YAS (yarn acquisition syndrome)?

Well, my yarn Donnybrook is upon me.  I’ll be buying no more yarn for a while.  Gotta use up or give away this HUGE stash before I expend more income on yarn that just sits, staring at me, yelling ‘nanny boo boo – you need to crochooo’.

No kidding!  Doesn’t your yarn yell at you?  Also, I believe that all the colors and textures I don’t LOVE get together in the dark of night or closet or plastic tub and MATE TO CREATE MORE skeins like them.  I mean, how much orange yarn does one PINK person need?  I didn’t buy all that orange yarn – ummm, or did I?  Well, if I actually bought it, it was at a thrift store or a garage sale.  Really!  Tune out now if you don’t believe me.  Non-believers are unwelcome here…..

But, I digress.  Back to free patterns.  Lest you run out of items to crochet, here are some sites you must visit.  Cuidado!  Warning!  Caution! These sites are ALL addictive.  You’ll spend way too much of your crochet time surfing these sites.  But, a crocheter’s gotta get inspiration from somewhere, right?  So here goes:

If you haven’t spent a month browsing this site, you’re don’t REALLY have PAS (pattern acquisition syndrome):

Same goes for these:

And, here are a few others that I enjoy visiting:

Whew!  That’s all for now.  More soon.  Now, go forth and surf!


  1. Hana says

    Thanks for posting. But unfortunately, the site you gave for this beautiful quilt, does not open up.

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