November Crochet Club Goodies

I wanted to share some of the wonderful show’n tell from the November meeting of the St. Louis Crochet Club.  Bet you’ll be jealous you don’t have this wonderful group of crocheters to meet with in your area.  Wait!  You could!  You just have to start one yourself if you don’t already have one.  Then….you have to have a friend like Ronnie who’s a whiz with her camera as well as her crochet hook!

First, DJ is always creating something adorable for her grandkids or neighbor’s kids.  Here’s her latest – for one of her grandsons.  Now she has to reproduce the design, an original, so little brother has his own.  Please don’t ask for a pattern.  She always ‘wings it’, so nothing written down.

Then Joan showed off the finished single crochet (gulp!) rippleghan she made for a nephew.  The colors are true – red, white, blue.  The picture does not do it justice.


Valli has been experimenting with different yarns and stitch patterns to create a shawl.  This version is a Solomon’s Knot in a pale aqua mohair.  We liked her other stitch pattern swatches better but didn’t get pictures somehow.  Again, it’s much more attractive in person.


Here’s a wheelchair coverlet that Cathy worked up.  I fell in love with the yarn, so I got the leftovers!!  I think it’s the diagonal crazy stitch pattern.

Then DJ and I had to show off some of our thrift store finds from our outing earlier in the day.  She found this very cute belt or scarf (works nicely for either and probably as a head wrap too) that several people wanted to replicate so Ronnie kindly took a nice detail picture.  Looks pretty easy except for the gazillion beads you’d have to thread on first!

Then there was the exquisite tablecloth and 12 (unused) linen napkins I found at the thrift store!  This one has found its permanent home with me.  Will go nicely over my glass top dining table.  Not sure I’ll ever use the napkins as Valli and the other more experienced fiber artists at the meeting determined that I was wrong in thinking that the napkins were polycotton.  Valli’s test demonstrated that the fiber was linen.  Lucky me!!  Ronnie took great detail photos for me to share.


The 12 napkins each have one corner embroidered in a pattern similar to the insets in the tablecloth.  But, upon closer inspection, it’s magical to see that each napkin is slightly different from the others.  I think this might be so that each diner could identify his/her own napkin.  Pretty clever if you ask me!  Wish I had pix to show you but Ronnie was pretty busy trying to keep up with all the goodies being admired.

And, there were other things – pretty things – but we didn’t get pix of them and I no longer take notes of the show n’ tell as in days past.  So forgive my incomplete listing of all the crochet we had to share.  I even had a finished shawl to show off, but it’s a bit skimpy for me (Hydrangea Shawl).  We decided not to try to meet in December since the weather is often iffy and Georgia, the shop owner, has enough on her plate without worrying about our little Wednesday night gig.  However, if you’ve ever in the area of South St. Louis County, stop by Hearthstone Knits.  It’s a wonderful shop and you’re bound to find lots of wonderful yarns to pet and drool over as well as a very crochet-friendly staff.



  1. Wanda says

    A couple of the pics didn’t show up, just a little bitty square. :(
    The rest is great. Love your table cloth.

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