Spinning Your Crochet

cro spin mandala 0714

While this lovely and exciting piece of crochet is not exactly meant to spin, it certainly has the look of a spinning wheel to me.  It’s a mandala themed piece of which this is the central motif.  Isn’t it stunning?

Martha Vitez and others have created this “Magic Carpet” afghan and have very detailed instructions and pictures showing how they accomplished this feat.  I love the colors – the choice of colors gives the piece a lot of energy.  I love the detail and variety of stitches.  I have seen similar pieces and written about them before – the mandalas – but this piece is unique.

cro spin 2 0714

For those adventurous enough, grab a colorful selection of yarns and use the work of the women who created this splendid piece to create one for yourself.  Each round of the mandala is full of possibilities – color, size of yarn, stitch pattern, etc.  Yours will be unique too.  If you are as good with color choices as the women who created this piece, you will likely achieve a spectacular piece for yourself.  Please be sure to share a picture with us!


  1. GJ Amber says

    Love mandala-type designs and this is a really lovely one. But was totally blown away when I went to her site. Such creativity and beautiful designs and she shares how she does it. Thanks for bringing this site to our attention.

  2. says

    Hi there.
    I’d just like to make a wee clarification. Mine is the bottom piece there in your wee article. The pattern is actually by Toni Andmarc and the original ravelry download we are working from can be found here:
    Toni put up notes on what she did, and our team has been testing the pattern and submitting our findings to her. She has since re-released the pattern and you can find it here:
    We are still working our way through the pattern as a CAL in the Creative Crochet Crew on Facebook where I am the head admin. You can find us here if you wish to join:
    Toni’s pattern is just stunning, and it’s been a great challenge for us all to work through it, I would thoroughly recommend giving it a go.
    I’d like to thank Martha Vitez and Oona Linnet for helping to lead this CAL event. xoxo

  3. says

    As the designer, I thank you very much for your article! And many thanks to Angela, Martha and Oona for their help in proving this pattern. Thank you so much GJ Amber! I hope you all enjoy (and get creative!) with my designs.

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