The Crochet VS Knit Question Finally Resolved

cro v knit 0714


I have heard this matter discussed for years – which uses more yarn, knit or crochet?  Well Joanne Scrace has finally conducted a fairly scientific experiment to answer this old question.  Her method is well documented on her blog you can read here.

My own, less scientific study of this subject indicates that my crocheted project might take about 20% more yarn – at most – than a knitted project using the same gauge.  I crochet loosely, but that’s where the gauge sample is important.  You can check it our for yourself easily enough using the technique that Joanne describes.  At any rate, yarn shops should REALLY love us since our projects use more yarn and we typically turn out more projects in a year than knitters do.  So, there!


cro granny flower 0714I also lover Joanne’s Crochet Granny Flower which you can get the pattern for here.


  1. Jo Ann says

    More yarn is used in crochet than knitting. I knit my dishclothes because I can get two out of a small skein of cotton yarn. I can only get one when I crochet.

  2. says

    Yes, I have heard this too. It’s interesting to me how our ‘mileage’ varies. Do you have leftover yarn from the skein when you crochet the one dishcloth?

  3. Sharon says

    I like to knit and crochet, but I do crochet more. I do find that I use more yarn when crocheting, but I really don’t care. The yarn usage has never been an issue for me.

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