What crocheter hasn’t been tempted by those books of beautiful Japanese crochet?  The Japanese are certainly prolific needleartists and designers.  However, most of us find the patterns unaccessible because, aside from the diagrams, we are unable to understand the patterns.

Sample of a Japanese Crochet Book

But, there are some tools online to assist us in making the designs in these books more accessible.  Here are some sites for you to check out.




With these articles, I’m hopeful that more of us will be able to use the wonderful Japanese crochet designs in books and online.


  1. enkin says

    I think the Japanese crochet patterns are easier to follow than the English onces. The english patterns are very confusing because American and British call the same thing different names.

  2. says

    I have been crocheting since 10 yesrs old, now I am 68. In the 60s I came across a japanese craft store, they sold japanese crochet book. I bought about 6 or 8 books and since then, have been my favorite books. I love to crochet with size 10 thread and love to make table cloths and bedspread. Can you provide me with patterns for these? Round or square table cloths. Filet works too are some of my favorite.

  3. says

    For the patterns you seek, check out http://www.crochetpatterncentral.com . There are many great patterns there for free. Other free pattern sites include those of all the yarn/thread manufactureres and garnstudio.com. Note that some sites might require you to ‘convert’ UK to US crochet terminology.


  4. Santwana Cole says

    For all the people who just love Japanese Crochet Patterns, here are few sites that are going to knock your socks off.

    Once the site is open click onto english on the top tab and finally click on download free books and there are many Japanese crochet books for free here.

    Another gem I have found is Japanese Yarn Company called Pierrot
    Once you get to this page allow for your computer to translate from Japanese to English. As you scroll towards the bottom of the page and list of numbers as you click onto them you will find patterns here which are downloadable.
    Once the page is open allow for it to be translated and you will find a small selection of patterns.
    This is a fantastic site which has a translation tab and will walk you through on how to understand the symbols.

    Good luck everybody enjoy hooking

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