There are all sorts of accessories for our crochet.  We could all spend a gazillion dollars on some of these goodies, couldn’t we?  I’ve run across some classy accessories that will make your crochet life easier and more efficient.  Check these out:

Guarantee that all your gift projects are properly labeled with these attractive and well priced gift tags:

Most crocheters will need a blocking board at one time or another.  The site below offers several different sizes and different prices.  If you’re fortunate enough to have an antique blocking board, hold onto it!  This one is nice because it folds for easier storage:

Also on the same site as the blocking boards, you’ll find steamers and a few other goodies.  Most of these are priced outside the reach of most crocheters unless you make a lot of garments and sell them.  I’m not a huge fan of steaming crochet, but it has its place.  I find it’s easier and far less expensive to throw the item in the dryer for a short time to take out the wrinkles.  Remember, however, that if you apply any liquid or steam to your crocheted items and block them, you MUST use rust proof pins.  They a bit pricey but will last for years, if not generations.

These are my favorite stitch markers.  They’re widely available and come in two sizes.  Worth the investment of a few bucks IMO. always has whatever supplies one is looking for.  This could come in handy while crocheting or frogging:

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